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August 12,2022(Fri)
The Museum of the Imperial Collections is closed from December 13 (Mon.), 2021 through Fall 2023 (estimated) for the new facility construction.


Special Exhibition


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Special Exhibition Themes in Japanese Art from the Imperial Collection

August 6 (Sat.) - September 25 (Sun.), 2022
The University Art Museum
Special Exhibition


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Special Exhibition The Beauty of the Imperial Household in Connection with Hiroshima -The Masterpieces of the Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan-

September 16 (Fri.) - October 30 (Sun.), 2022
Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum


May 19,2022
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Collection in Focus

Chinese Lions(right screen)

Kano Eitoku (1543 - 1590)
1 pair of six-fold screens

The right screen is famous the confirmatory work of Kano Eitoku ( 1543-90 ), a master of the Momoyama art world, identified by its colophon by Kano Tan' yu. There's no doubt that this is by Eitoku because of the impressive and valiant depiction of imposing tigers striding among rocks with strong brushwork in spite of simple composition. The left screen was painted to match the right by Kano Tsunenobu ( 1636-1713 ) afterward, and the two were passed down to the present as a pair.

Pair of Flower Vessels with Phoenix Design

Kagawa Katsuhiro (1853 - 1917)
1 Pair
each mouth d.53.5, h.61.5

Works by Kagawa Katsuhiro (1853-1917) commissioned by the Imperial Household Ministry as an ornament for the Ho-ō-no-ma (Phoenix Room) of the Meiji Palace, which took 3 years from 1903 to complete. The phoenixes are created by various parts in high relief combined together inlayed on to silver bodies, with gold and aokin (alloy of gold and silver) added to vary the color tones.